Author and Palm Reader:
Robin Gile
Palm Reader for Time Magazine
Author: Complete Idiot's Guide to Palmistry
available at most all book stores worldwide
and also at THIS FAIR !
Why get a Reading?
It's exciting and Fun !

Imagine............ a total stranger ( the psychic reader ) telling you all
about yourself by looking at the lines in your Palm or looking at
Tarot cards or reading your Astrology by using your exact day, date,
and time of birth !
Imagine ........... a total stranger ( the psychic reader ) showing
you what the possibilities are for your future, based on what has
happened to you in the past !
Imagine ......... the psychic reader, showing you how to avoid
bad things in your future and giving you advice on how to change
your future for the better !
Fair Specials:  Each Psychic Reader sets their own prices
depending on what they do.   Readings also vary in length which
affects the price they charge which can vary between $30. and $45.
for a 15 minute to 20 minute reading.
In contrast: Most professional readers charge $50.-$60. or more
for readings outside the fair, in their homes or other venues.
When you select a reader you can ask questions.
You can also ask about any area of your life you wish:
Love, Romance, Relationships, Money, Career, Health, Travel,
and things of a sexual nature.
What is a Psychic Fair ?
Psychic Fairs have been going on for hundreds and maybe
thousands of years.   Anytime there is a gathering of "Fortune
Tellers", "Soothsayers and Wizards" there becomes a "Psychic
Nowadays, many are called:  Psychics, Readers, Clairvoyants,
Mediums, Intuitives, Palm Readers, Tarot Card Readers,
Astrologers, Aura Readers, Spirit Writers, Metaphysicians,
Healers and Spiritual Advisors.
The Psychic Fair participants come from far and wide !
This fair has Readers and Vendors from all over Texas and
New Mexico.
They gather at  a "Psychic Fair" so that regular clients (and the
public) can choose a special reader for their needs as well as
maybe get several readings from different Readers (while the
Readers are all in town).
The Psychic Fair Vendors have New-Age and Metaphysical
products, hand-made jewelry, crystals, Incense, Feng Shui Items,
Stones, Scented Oils, Tarot cards, & Numerology.
The El Paso Psychic Fair has about a dozen professional readers
of various kinds, Aura Photography, Numerology Reports & Reiki
All of the professional Readers have done thousands of readings
over many years, in order to be good enough to participate
in these Psychic Fairs.
Psychic Fairs in El Paso, Texas !   Held every 2 or 3 months.
the next fair is:   August 13 & 14, 2016
El Paso Psychic Fair
Shining Light on Your Possibilities !
Feeling STUCK ?   Come get a reading !
Location:  Hawthorn Inn, 1700 Airway
     Corner of Airway and Boeing Drive

Open: 11am to 7pm both Saturday & Sunday
$5.00 at the door for both days!
a Leaf Readings !
AURA Photos, Reiki, Feng Shui Consultant
and 14 Psychics from all over TX and NM will be coming to the fair & will be giving
Readings & Advice !  AURA Photos, Crystals, New Age Jewelry & Books for sale.
(All Readers and Vendors set their own prices.)

Get a reading from our talented Psychics at the fair!
A Peek inside the fair !
Readings going on......
Advice being given.......
People helped......
Clients bouncing new business ideas
off the Psychics !
It's fun and informative !

We feel that live contact with
Aliens from other worlds
will be very soon !

Nothing that we can really
do about that...
but, we do know that
they are here and have been here
before and are watching us.

NASA Apollo Astronaut:
Edgar Mitchell
came forward July 2008
and claims that he knows
that we are being visited by UFO's
and Aliens from outer space !

Many different kinds of
UFO ships and unmanned droids
have been seen !
Now it's just going to be
just a short time before
everything is
AURA PHOTOS being Taken at the Psychic Fair !
The photo tells about your well being and
what forces are affecting you at the time.
Do not
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Listen and call in to talk LIVE to
Grace the Psychic Lady
as heard on 92.5FM Radio Show
every Thursday morning starting at 8am
on 92.3 FM, The FOX Radio Station
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Kramer Wetzel will be back !
As seen as the Astrologer on the
national TV show "Wife Swap".
( )
All of the Vendors & about
half of the Readers accept  
Charge & Debt Cards.
Come get a reading from
Grace "The Psychic Lady"
Plenty of
at the
Hawthorn Inn !
1700 Airway @ Boeing Dr.
Limpias with an Egg !
Crystal Healing !
(Healing with Crystals and Gemstones)